mandag 6. juni 2011

Update on a blog far far away (from my mind)

Hi all! OK, so I guess I've forgotten this blogthing that I had goin on, so sorry 'bout that. Uhm, over to an update, I can say there's been some ups and downs in life, and quite alot of ups on the photo side. I simply love my "new" camera, the 1D Mark III. It has given me alot of good pictures! I've shot arround 15 000 pictures in two months - and charged my two LP-E4 batteries two times each. That's... Quite amazing. The battery I'm on now has 8% left of capacity, and has been used for 4830 pictures. THAT IS UNBELIEVABLE!! I've been to Amsterdam, I've been to Ringsaker, I've had mock exam in journalism, which I got 5+ on, highest is 6. So quite pleased. I've done some plane photography with the 100-400L + 1,4xII extender and the 1D. Results wide open at 560mm are STUNNING, really! I'm just amazed, nothing more, nothing less. I think there's just too much to tell, so I'll end it here and just keep on making better and more often posts. Finishing off with alot of pictures ;)

Canon EOS-1D Mark III and Canon 100-400mm f/4,5-5,6L IS USM in bag


Random woods

Store Åklungen




Amsterdam HDR

Netherlands countryside

Fall asleep you big child of flood

KLM Embraer ERJ190 PH-EZN on climb

RNoAF F-16

British Airways A320

torsdag 7. april 2011

Canon EOS-1D mark III and 20K flickr views!

OK, it's been a fantastic week with my new, big, heavy and beautiful baby. The newest addition to the collection of fine art from Canon, the EOS-1D mark III :D Using about 60-65% of the charge in the battery I managed to take 2500 pictures. So yes, the LP-E4 is a battery that lasts for some time.
Done some shots with it today, see them all at my flickr page, which today passed 20 000 views! so WOW, thanks to everyone that has taken the trip to visit my stream there, and you will be getting alot of good stuff coming up as I'm next weekend going to a very special "event" of birdspotting - with the 1D and 100-400 + 1,4 exenter = 560mm L ! And also of course the plane spotting trip to Amsterdam in a bit over a week! Yay exitement. So I guess that's it for now, stay tuned for more goodies from an excellent camera and a OK-good photographer, haha.

Spring in forest HDR

Norwegian woodpecker

Canon EOS-1D Mark III head shot

onsdag 23. mars 2011

New Camera!

OK, so new camera is soon on the road heading for me. A Canon EOS-1D Mark III and a LP-E4 batterypack is ordered so, yeah. Really gonna make some review of this, and using it when NordicReviews (on Youtube) fires up. SUPER EXITED at the moment.

torsdag 10. mars 2011

Long time, no posts

Yeah, it's a long time since last blog post. Things are stressful, and a vacation came "in the way". huh... So, what have I been up to? Sleeping and school. No photography for some time now. Just some brief shots here and there. I've found some good photos on one of my external hard drives, and edited some nice looking summer pics. And last weekend we all (my family of four) went to Miland, a place close to Rjukan. We went skiing at Gaustadblikk, a pretty smooth ski center, with some nice photo spots. I only brought my Canon Powershot SX210IS in the slopes, though. To put a 28-396mm IS lens in your inner pocket is so nice. Manual exposure, ISO 80 and some nice spots did get me a couple of OK-good shots. Still, I wished for more before the trip. I also had at the cabin/house
30 f/1,4
70-200 f/4L IS
and my mac.

I only used 40D + 70-200 two times on the whole trip. I was so disappointed bringing 7 kilos of gear and use 40D, 70-200, SX210 and my MacBook.

Anyways, here are some flashbacks from my hard drive. Enjoy!


Øyangen island sunset


Trondheim HDR

Cool cloud formations at Øyangen

I've also got more of course, on my flickrstream

søndag 20. februar 2011

Finally an unordinary photo trip!

Today (sunday 20/2) me and my dad took the Xantia for a spin down to Moss and Jæløya. I was a bit exited as I hadn't driven for a month, and we hadn't been at Jæløya for at least 7 years or so. Long before I got DSLR, to say the least. So... The results amazed me. I felt so creative, and just saw pictures wherever I was or looked. Here's a list of what I brought:

Canon 40D + BG-E2n
Canon 17-40 f/4L
Canon 10-22 f/3,5-4,5
Sigma 30 f/1,4
Canon 70-200 f/4L IS
all in my Jenova bag.

After a drive from Oslo to Moss, which takes about an hour we arrived. Probaly half an hour too late, but the light was very nice. I explored some places, but coming down to the beach was blazing. There was these fantastic ice chunks all over the place and it was a very spesial mood. I was all by my self, and no sounds other than some gulls some hundred meters away. It was really wonderful. After playing a bit with different angles and focal length, I put on a Polarizer, or a PL-C filter. Cost? well... about 200-225 dollars. YES it is VERY expensive. But what came out of it was unbelieveable! The power of that filter on a 10-22, or a 17-40 on FF, is just so cool! I used it first on the 17-40 for a little while, but went over to ultra wide angle. The 10-22 and PL-C stayed on for the rest of the day. Still, what I'm so amazed by is how well both camera and the Sigma performed in the -20 degrees and high humidity. My face - not that tough. I struggeled to move my lips at the end, not to mention my fingeres! OUCH!!! But I had the awesome pics in my bag, so no worries - that's just photography during winter in Norway. Enough talk, here is a selection, and as allways, see for more pictures and other info!



Icey trees



mandag 14. februar 2011

Back in business!

Alright! Even though I've got an essay of 3-5 pages to write till tomorrow, I don't get scared to blog some. OK, so I've written like 5 more cases since last time I blogged, but that's because I've been writing, you know! Some cases smaller than others, but all in all last week was another sucsessful experience! The most important thing is to show encourage and not only focus on skills and doing things great every time. It's local papers - your case is going in the print either way, but make sure you do the most effort you can in every case. It's smart to show at an early stage that you are good, and deserve a certain amount of respect.
To me the editors seemed very pleased with the results of the missions they gave me. Espesially they like my photos. Even on a medium case, I give full power on challeging myself in photojournalistic ways. I like to think that I do my photos in a more artisic free and estetique way. I like to think... heh...
Well, winter holiday is close at hand, and I intend to spend some of my photos during skiing in Rjukan, Telemark, in Norway. I might just have desided whether I should get a 1D mark III or not. 11 000 NOK? 500 US$ more and I'll get a new 5D mark II. But... I want 45 point AF, and 10 FPS... But i want awesome ISO and big viewfinder... But I might don't want a full frame just yet... Aaah! It's difficult, you know! 1D3 is awesome for press, but so is 5D2. Damn it, I gotta think some more... But I'm thinking, why don't I just buy a 1D3 now, keep my 40D and 400D, and then get a used 5D2 when the 5D3 comes. Probaly in febuary 2012 is my "expert" instinct saying. That we'll see, but then a 5D2 will drop dramaticly in price. Then I might get a 550D after that to have at least SOME light weight if I don't wanna bring 1,35 kg of 1D3 or 850gr of 5D2.
Over to what kind of photos I've taken this week, the highlight has to be my short trip to Lodalen, a height a bit up southeast. I took the bus that passes a spot I've seen some times and been thinking "oh I GOTTA go there and take some photos some time". Saturday was that day. And be sure I will return, it's amazing. I'm planning to do some review series/photography series called Nordic Reviews, with HD camera and photo thoughts and reviews. SO, back to business, I got that bus up there, it was like -15 degrees, so it was FRIKKIN cold, and with minutes to spare 'till I was going on the evening shift of work. Here are some of the results, and be sure to check out other goodies as well at or more photos (yes I got to borrow a 5D2) at my Bye!

Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway

and with the 5D2 I took this:

Tired friends in black and white

Oh I forgot! There was a major snow fall during my return to home after a long and hard day at the papers. Here are some results of THAT!

Heavy snowfall in Oslo

Heavy snowfall in Oslo

Heavy snowfall in Oslo

Loads of pics, but hey, I'm a freelance photographer for gods sake!

lørdag 5. februar 2011

In the papers again!

Well. It's time to wrap up this week, and with one case at the back of Nordstrands Blad, and two bigger cases to come now on monday, it's looking good! One of the cases is allready published, so you should check it out! . Note that the pictures were sent to me by those guys, and I probably would have done a better job myself.. Oh well.. I'm looking into a used Canon EOS 1D mark III at the moment, seems interesting and getting it used for about 1650 US$, or about 10 000 NOK. Really considering it!